Pianist / Composer / Arranger

Sol Jang

“Music is my key to the secret garden, my way to go to heaven, my looking glass. Play the piano and composing transforming my life into a magic.” - Sol Jang
Sol Jang (1992) is a rising young musician and three-time competition finalist jazz pianist. Since she debuts with South Korea's well-known TV show called "The Great Birth" in 2011, Sol has shaped a strong and unique personal identity and has portrayed musical fluidity.

Sol Jang began playing classical piano at age five and studied at Baekseok University in South Korea for a year.  After she made the top 20 in the TV show in early 2012 she got the opportunity to work with two very well-known Korean pop composers Yoon Sang and Jaehong Shin. After she released her first single called "After the Break up" with Jaehong Shin, Sol decided to study music more deeply. 'Jazz' is the love of her life. Jang's love of Jazz made her move to Philadelphia to attend the University of the Arts where she received her bachelor's degree.
She was the first Korean student who succeeded in early graduation.
After graduation, she returned to Seoul and played various genres for around 14 months.
Jang put her stable life once again, moved to the Netherlands and finished her Master's Study at ArtEZ Arnhem, and currently teaching HAP and 'transfusion' elective band courses. 
Sol's current project is 'Sol Jang International Project' and 'Sol's E.M' playing her original in the European music scene.
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